Gray Hair Consultants 
 Gray Hair Consultants is a project that stands out from the offerings of other consulting firms because of the sheer breadth of real-world experience of its experts, given their professional maturity and seniority. Our consultants are ready to provide strategic advice, key problem solving and mentoring to meet the needs of companies and organisations. With the help of modern management practices and support technologies, they can make a real difference to the way managers improve their professional and leadership skills and the effectiveness of their organisations. 
Many of them have worked for many years in multinational companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, have led local and international teams and projects, and have mastered different styles of leadership and decision-making. They know how to combine the peculiarities of local corporate cultures with the dynamic aspects of international working environments.  
Because of this experience, they have no problem to align with your employees when working on different projects or solving problems in local companies or multinational corporates. 
The Gray Hair Consultants project was initiated by Arcys and Inside HCS