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Communication Mentoring for Managers 

The communication skills of managers, especially those at the highest levels of an organisation, are an integral part of their successful leadership. However, even today we often see the CEO communicating with his staff only by e-mail. Each manager should have his or her own unique but cultivated communication style, based on the selection of appropriate communication tools for the most effective reach of the target groups. In this respect we are happy to offer the following support:

  • Analysis of the manager's communication skills.

  • Developing a proposal to strengthen communication skills in order to create an authentic and cultivated managerial communication style.

  • Developing a proposal for the use of different communication tools according to the type of communication required (operational vs. strategic).

  • Preparation for communication-intensive situations according to the individual needs of the manager.

Examples of experience in the field of Communication Mentoring for Managers   
  • Designing the content of communication training courses for members of the management of various companies with the aim of strengthening the communication skills of top managers.

  • Providing the technical and organisational support for individual communication training sessions that model practical situations that a manager is likely to encounter on a regular basis. 

  • Advice on how to prepare for key audiences (board of directors, supervisory board, investors, trade unions, meetings with government officials, etc.).

  • Discret feedback on communication performance and suggestions for improvement.