Gray Hair Consultants 
Media Consulting

Knowledge of how the media work, and in particular how to use them appropriately for the needs of companies and organisations, is essential for the application of various forms of external communications. Without the use of the media, it is not possible to achieve the set goals in the area of building the reputation of a company or organisation, nor to effectively support the business goals related to the sale of products and services. Within the framework of Media Consulting we offer:

  • Defining communication objectives and developing a media strategy.

  • Media planning, including selection of media types.

  • Media audit and selection of appropriate suppliers.

  • Timing and optimisation of communication.

  • Communication evaluation.

  • Interpretation of media research/data analysis results for TV and radio.

  • Overview of the media market in terms of all types of media and knowledge of media regulatory conditions.

  • Advice on tendering procedures for creative agencies.

  • Experience of using digital marketing tools - e.g. SEO, PPC, Google Analytics, etc.  

Examples of experience in Media Consulting   
  • Experience in the development and implementation of the media and communication strategy of the most influential radio station on the Czech market, the result of which was the achievement of the number one position on the market, improvement of its reputation and differentiation from other radio stations. Launching CSR projects and creating new processes for implementing such a complex and unusual project for a radio station was part of the media strategy. The CSR projects have also helped to change the culture of the company, bringing the radio staff closer together and making them more loyal to the company.

  • Developing strategies for selecting media and orchestrating them in terms of time, budget, their specificity and communication messages to achieve the main and sub-communication objectives.