Gray Hair Consultants 
 Who are the 55+ Consultants ?  

We call our upper middle age experts '55+ Consultants' because experience can't be taught, it can only be gained over time. Such and expert can be a valuable asset to an organisation as a senior consultant for a number of reasons:

Extensive experience: Senior professionals typically have a wealth of experience in their field, often spanning several decades. This experience can provide practical insights and solutions to complex problems that younger consultants may not have encountered.

Deep knowledge: They have had the opportunity over the years to develop in-depth knowledge of their field. This knowledge can be invaluable in helping a company or organisation solve problems and make informed decisions. 

Detachment: They approach problem-solving with a detached attitude and are therefore able to focus on the essentials. At the same time, they can calm down tense situations.   

Contacts: These mature professionals often have extensive professional networks of contacts built up over the course of their careers. These networks can be used to the benefit of the company, whether it is to find new clients and business partners.

Mentoring: Senior consultants can act as mentors to younger staff, passing on their knowledge and experience. This can help to develop the skills of recently promoted managers, or help with succession planning within the firm.