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Employee Engagement 

In times of constant change and crisis, employee engagement is often the single most important factor for competitive advantage. We will show you why engaged employees are willing to "sacrifice" more for the company than disengaged employees. We will explain the difference between satisfaction and engagement. Engagement and internal identification with the organisation is an emotional state where we feel passion, energy and commitment to our work. This translates into employee actions that drive the organisation's performance to a higher level. Return on investment (ROI) is significantly higher in companies with high levels of employee engagement, as is overall business performance, not to mention significantly lower turnover. In developing Employee Engagement we draw on the Decision Wise company "MAGIC" model which reflects the following:   

Your work has purpose beyond the job itself.

The power to shape your work and environment in ways that allow you to perform at your best.

Being stretched and challenged in ways that result in personal and professional progress. 

Seeing positive and worthwhile outcomes and results for your work. 

Connection (Byť súčasťou celku)
The sense of belonging to something greater than you.

An example of Employee Engagement experience

For a large financial institution, we mapped the level of Employee Engagement and proposed measures to increase it.

The company's activities to promote employee motivation and loyalty were not meeting management's expectations. This was despite generous financial support for these activities. In particular, we found that employees expected improvements in their working conditions (better quality chairs, installation of air conditioning, more colourful walls, etc.) more than various financial incentives and one-off rewards.

Based on the results of the analysis, the financial institution improved the use of available financial resources and achieved an increase in Employee Engagement.