Gray Hair Consultants 
Corporate Communications 

The main role of corporate communications is to help build the company's reputation, both externally and internally. We will help you fulfil this mission with our practical experience, which includes:  

  • External and Internal Audits of Corporate Communications.

  • Developing a strategy for effective Internal and External Communications (Public Relations) using appropriate communication channels and formats, including the use of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.

  • Establishing a system for evaluating the effectiveness of External and Internal Communications.

  • Effective Crisis Communication and the creation of  of a system for eliminating Crisis Communication, called Issue Management

  • Public Affairs/Government Affairs/Regulatory Services. 

Examples of  Corporate Communications Experience  
  • Comprehensive management of Corporate Communications in one of the largest telecommunications operators during a period of transformation. Introduced innovative communication formats in both External and Internal Communications, which supported a significant improvement in the company's reputation. The company became the first in Slovakia to publish regular CSR reports. Successful management of crisis communications that did not damage the company's reputation.  

  • Successful communication strategy supporting the acquisition of a mobile operator and a leading ICT firm. Support for the creation of a positive perception of a new telecommunications group in Slovakia.  

  • Transformation of Corporate Communications of a well-known food retail chain with nearly 200 stores of various formats across the Czech Republic. The company was facing serious reputational challenges. Thanks to a changed communication strategy focused on the most important internal and external target groups, the perception of the company improved by more than 20 percentage points over a period of 6 years. 

  • Introduction of modern processes to Corporate Communication for the most important dealer of spare parts for motor vehicles in the region of Central and Eastern Europe (CZ, SK, PL, HU, SL, RO, BiH, UA). Linking communication activities, especially in the area of External Communication, to support important business activities in individual countries. Establishing the company in the eyes of the professional media as a key player on the international market of spare parts for motor vehicles.