Gray Hair Consultants 
The difference between our services and Interim Ianagement  

Interim Management and the services of Gray Hair Consultants are two different approaches to providing expert advice and assistance to companies and organisations. The main differences are: 

The nature of the services provided: Our consultants provide advice and expert assistance on a project basis or within specific areas or issues. These services need not be temporary and can last from a few weeks to several months. Consultants often work outside the organisation and their aim is usually not to take on a management role. They provide advice, recommendations and analytical support, but final decisions and implementation are the responsibility of the client.

Interim managers are temporary enployees who join an organisation for a period of time (often on a fixed-term contract). They often play an active role in the management and operation of the business. They are responsible for specific tasks and objectives, making decisions and implementing them on behalf of the company.  

Aim and approach: Our consultants focus on providing expertise and strategic advice in areas of the client's choice. Their approach can be more analytical and they may work on a variety of projects with clients in different sectors. Typical areas of work for our consultants include preparing for the transformation or restructuring of a business or organisation, improving a company's reputation or creating a new corporate culture.

Interim management is often focused on operational tasks such as improving business performance, driving sales and marketing strategy or crisis management. Interim managers tend to be operationally and directly involved in the day-to-day running of the business.