Gray Hair Consultants 
 Change Management and Transformation

Change management has become an integral part of life for many organisations that need to adapt to new market conditions and maintain their competitive advantage. We will use our experience in this area to help you with: 

  • Identifying the risks associated with the change process.

  • Identifying stakeholders and analysing the impact of change on them.

  • Developing effective Change Management strategies aimed at gaining employee buy-in and minimising employee resistance.

  • Helping to manage Change projects and processes.

  • Designing a Communication Strategy and specific communication activities for each target group. 

  • Evaluating the progress of Change implementation against the agreed timetable and budget.  

Examples of Change Management and Transformation experience   
  • Managing individual Change Management projects in a complex, multi-year transformation programme across one of the largest telco services providers . Transformation of processes, product portfolio, services, sales and customer channels resulted in reversing revenue decline, strengthening market position and improving reputation. Development of Communication strategies to support individual transformation projects and the creation of a new corporate culture - a culture of continuous change - which has become very effective in driving further transformation projects.

  • Successfull management of transformation of one of the largest non-profit organisations in Slovakia. The aim of the transformation was to fundamentally streamline the economic model of its functioning and to create new conditions for the further functioning of the Foundation in the changed conditions of the development of the non-profit sector. Thanks to the successful economic transformation, this NGO  was able to attract financial resources from major donors and continue to work.