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Sustainability and ESG  

Sustainability is an expression of a company's maturity and responsibility towards the external and internal environment in which it operates. European legislation defines this responsibility in terms of the environment (Environment), social groups/relationships (Social) and the way the company is managed (Governance). Companies will be required to report on their ESG activities in the form of ESG reports, which will become an integral part of non-financial reports. This type of reporting will not only be required by law, but will also be a business imperative, e.g. for companies that are part of supply chains. We are ready to use our experience and advice in this area for:   

  • Designing a Corporate Sustainability Strategy based on the business of you company, values, vision and mission, and other relevant factors.

  • Identifying materiality for Scope 1 and 2, prepare methodology for materiality for Scope 3.

  • Establishing a system for regular reporting on ESG and SDG targets (CSRD reporting) in relation to applicable legislation or supply chain requirements. 

  • Automating the calculation of carbon footprint - CO2 or other greenhouse gas emissions from the company's overall operations as well as from key products and services. 

  • Preparing effective Communication Support to accept sustainability strategy by all relevant stakeholders.

Examples of Sustainability and ESG experience 
  • Developing strategies for corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities from a business perspective for one of the largest Slovak telco operator. Initiating the publication and subsequent regular reporting on CSR activities of the company in accordance with GRI standards. Co-operation with external entities to develop transparent and valuable grant programmes of the Company´s  Endowment Fund.

  • Introduction of a comprehensive approach to sustainability at Czech large food retailer and prioritisation of individual activities. Launched a long-term programme to reduce food waste and thus greenhouse gas emissions caused by the decomposition of uneaten food. In 6 years, the company has managed to reduce the amount of wasted food in its own stores by more than 80%. Introduction of Diversity and Inclusion programmes aimed at closing the gender pay gap and providing equal career opportunities, supporting marginalised groups in employment and developing social policies targeted at specific groups of employees. Regular reporting on Corporate Responsibility, Diversity&Inclusion. For all these activities, the company has won the Top Responsible Company Award several times in a row.  

  • Preparation of small and medium-sized companies for certification according to ESG standards in accordance with the CSRD methodology. Identification of materialities for Scope 1 and 2, preparation of methodology for materialities for Scope 3. Development of methodologies for calculating the carbon footprint - CO2 emissions from the company's overall operations, individual activities and main products and services.