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Employer Branding  

Employer branding and Employee Engagement are 2 key elements that are becoming increasingly important to businesses and organisations. When properly defined and filled with attractive content, companies and organisations can effectively attract and retain talented employees while reducing the cost of recruiting. They can also enhance a company's reputation and competitiveness, especially in times of change and crisis. You may use our expertise in this area for:

  • Brand Management design with overlap to Employer Branding.

  • Analysis of the Employer Brand and its impact on current and future employees.

  • Design of systematic Internal and External Communications to support Employer Branding.

  • Analysis of the level of Employee Engagement.

  • Design of Communications to support Employee Engagement.  

Example of Employer Branding experience  
  • Developing Employer Brand strategies and linking them to the overall brand managements from the perspective of values and culture of ICT, Retail, Manufacturing and Service companies operating in  in the Slovak and Czech Republics.

  • Close cooperation with HR departments of these companies in the field of Employer Brand management.

  • Actively communicating the positive aspects of the Employer  Brand through public media, social media and other communication channels.

  • Maintaining open and trustworthy communication with current employees and promote their satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Evaluating the impact of the Employer Brand on the selection process for new hires and the retention of existing employees in the above mentioned companies.